I have over 15 years experience in Instructional Systems Design. I also have a Master's degree in Educational Technology. Thus, I consider myself an educational technologist. I have had the privilege to work for multiple clients in many different industries and on various projects as either an individual contributor or project manager. I'm interested in a wide range of technological solutions that result in improved individual and organizational improvement. Many of these have become known as Web2.0 or eLearning2.0 tools and technologies.

I approach much of the work I do from an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) point of view. One of the main ISD models I use is ADDIE - Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate. I have designed, developed and delivered (implemented) several types of training programs in multiple industries. I have also provided the front-end analysis for many performance improvement programs and provided evaluation services both during and after implementing programs.

My "Training" Philosophy

As I mentioned on my home page, two statements guide my work in educational technology. The first statement is:

"Training is getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time, using the right medium and methods."

The "right information" represents the skills, knowledge, and abilities people need. The "right people" are those people, and only those people, who need to use the skills, knowledge, and abilities to perform their jobs. The "right time" is as near as possible to the time when people need to use the skills, knowledge, and abilities.

There can be a large number of "right medium and methods". The medium and methods depend on the audience, the information, and many other factors. Some of the right medium and methods include: instructor-led training, eLearning (in many different formats), job aids, a knowledge management system, podcasting, educational video, or a combination of any of these or others into what has become known as blended learning. The right medium and methods may also include a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Content Management System (LCMS) as well as a vast array of Web2.0 tools and technologies.

The second statement is:

"I perform 'training' so that individuals can reach their highest productivity and organizations, for and with whom the individuals work, can thus reach their highest levels of profitability."

During good economic times it might be a worthy venture to train people certain skills, knowledge, and abilities whether or not they need them to perform their actual jobs. During good economic times organizations might not place a huge emphasis on when training occurs. Nevertheless, especially during challenging economic times, I focus on the specific information people need to do their jobs. I focus on only those people who need and will be able to use the information. As much as possible, I also focus on what is known as "just-in-time training". Training far in advance of when it is needed is less than optimal. Of course not providing training until it is too late is a more serious situation. In all my efforts, I focus on that which will lead to increased individual and group productivity and thus improved organizational profitability.

My Mission

I provide the right solutions by partnering with clients to design, develop, and deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time, using the right medium and methods. I use the best technology for each situation in order to obtain the most cost effective and efficient solution for my clients so that they can realize improved profitability.